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Start the year with prayer services for students, staff
Begin the new school year for students, teachers, and catechists in your program with a back-to-school prayer service. Guidelines for three different services – “Hands” for primary children, “A Blessing to Start the New School Year” for intermediate students, and “Sharing Your Light” for staff – are available free online from Pflaum. Each service includes complete directions for the leader, along with preparation tips and a list of materials. Handouts are also provided for each of your participants. Click here for more.
Launch the new school year with a parish-wide event
Foster whole community catechesis with “Fall Festival” as the theme of a parish-wide event. It’s never too early to start planning, and The Gospel for All Ages online program provides all you need to get started: publicity ideas, a sample schedule, a gathering ritual, and more. For an overview of The Gospel for All Ages program click on Whole Community Catechesis in the menu at left, then select “Let’s Have a Fall Festival! – outline and tips for a seasonal event.”
Preview our student planners online – or call for a sample
Sample pages from our new 2014/15 “Days of Faith” planners for Catholic kids, with primary, intermediate, and junior-senior high editions, are now available online. All three planners include a two-page spread for each week of the school year, plus more bonus learning resources. Or, if you prefer, we’ll send an evaluation copy to qualified educators who request one. Just call your Pflaum representative at 800•543•4383. View our online video for more.

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